• Image of Rockers & Rollers 3CD Audiobook (Abridged Version)

By night, Brian Johnson sings in the biggest rock ‘n’ roll band on the planet. But by day, AC/DC’s frontman drives balls to the wall. Cars and rock ‘n’ roll: they were made for each other.

When he was a young boy growing up in a working-class English town, Brian developed what would become a lifelong passion for cars, trolling junkyards and even pretending to drive the family car. From there, he steamed up the windows of his old Mini Cooper as a teenager, spent untold time in hygienically challenged tour buses with helpful signs such as “No Shitting Allowed. Shagging Expected”, was chauffeured in leather-trimmed limos, and raced cars to a checkered flag.

Featuring guest stars Cliff Williams, Malcolm and Angus Young, and many, many others – even Arnold Schwarzenegger - Rockers and Rollers is a tribute to Brian’s obsession with four wheels. By turns surprising, poignant, funny, and maybe a little bit bawdy, these are the stories of a man who drives as hard as he rocks.

Parental advisory - adult language!

"This audio book needs to carry a health warning! It has triggered numerous coughing fits and our sides ache from laughing so much (and there may have been a little pee accident...or 2 ;-D) and it is strongly advised not to listen to it whilst driving...you will crash your car. Brilliant!...also you may also suffer from uncontrollable bouts of laughter at inappropriate moments as you remember parts of the narrative lol" - Teresa Waters (Facebook Comment)